PLEASE READ UPDATE – from Charles A Mowat Public Accountant. Our Business will continue moving forward, and processing tax returns and all accounting related services. We ask for your patients with us, as we are working with a smaller work force at this time.
As you are all very aware this is a fast changing world these days, and I am modifying our business practices until further notice. I have Psoriatic Arthritis, and therefor have to take a medication that lowers my immune system severely. Due to these reasons, we will not have anyone entering our home and home office for now. All business can continue, as my phone line is always available, and with technology we can use emails and scanners to communicate and send documents back and forth. For those of you without scanners and prefer to leave document in my mailbox, that still works well too.
You can send me a pdf of all of your slips to me at Charles@MowatAccounting.com, I will then process your tax return and send you a T183 signature form for you to sign and send back to us, along with a e-transfer for the invoice. I can then file your tax return and forward a pdf version of the tax return to you via email. If you wish to get a paper copy we can arrange to leave it in my mailbox for you to pick up.
I ask for your understanding and patients at this time. Please call if you have any questions. Office phone 306-978-2186.