Plan to Succeed, and you will !

It is a great time to get your bookkeeping organized and up to date.  All the transactions are still somewhat fresh in your mind and it is easier to remember details now, better than later.  The weather has taken a turn for the colder and most business might have slowed down just enough to have a quick opportunity to find out where your company is at financially now before year end.  That way you still have time to decide about that extra purchase /expense, before it is to late, and a new fiscal year has started.  PLAN TO SUCCEED, and you will!  Take time to plan your future, your business, set a goal, figure out your plan of action and stick to it.

If tax or bookkeeping situations arise, it is better to talk to an Accountant before it becomes worse.  Consulting is one of the many benefits of being one of my clients.

Remember;  Do not respond to emails claiming to be from Canada Revenue Agency.  The CRA does not use emails.