10 Years in Business

I would like to thank all my great friends and clients, that have supported my business for the last 10 years.  I have enjoyed working with all of you over the years, and helped all of you save money on your Income Taxes.  There are some of you that I have been able to help out even more with your businesses, by doing your Bookkeeping, Payroll, tracking your remittances for GST, PST, LCT, and all aspects of being your Accountant.

Thank You for being loyal to my business and for referring your friends to my business, as that is the main way that my business has grown as quickly as it has, and you helped make it this successful.  I will make this commitment to you, “I will always be up to date on my education of current tax laws relating to the Accounting Industry.”

Thank You, for the first 10 years of experience.