Tax Season Starts Today February 10th

It is now time for tax season to kick into gear.  As of February 10, 2014 the CRA has opened up their computers to make E-file available again. I recommend that everyone use their last years tax return as a guide, to make sure you have all the new slips for 2013.  All T4’s  & T5’s should be sent out to you by Feb 28, with the exception of T3’s they can be mailed as late as March 31st.  Gather up all your donation slips, medical expenses or printouts from your pharmacy, and any other slips that are deductions for the purpose of reducing your income.  If you plan to get an RRSP, that deadline is Feb 28.  I hope to see those of you that are early birds soon, as it helps a lot when they arrive at a nice smooth pace.  See you soon.