A New Year

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The new year brings change for everyone, some small and some large changes.  Either way, it is a new calendar year and we should get our 2013 information organized and bookkeeping complete soon.  Make sure you have an envelope handy for all of those tax slips arriving soon including; T3, T4, T5, RRSP,  Charitable Donations, Medical Expenses, Public Transit Pass Receipts, T2200-Tuition from College or University, Political Donations, etc.  If you moved last year then make sure everyone including past employers from 2013 have your new address, so that you get your slips without delay.  It is now a good time to start new folders or envelopes for 2014.  It will not be long now, and we will need to prepare your tax returns, see you soon.